Unique Lev Hamandala Workshops

 for the office, for family events, birthdays and any circle of freinds


Lev Hamandala Workshops led by Noga Shalev

When we draw a mandala,  the two lobes of the brain, both left and right, work in harmony. The creative side opens and develops and the verbal ability increases. The brain and body enter a state of relaxation, heightened concentration and clarity of focus and thoughts are sharpened.

  • interpersonal communication

  • creating a productive and supportive work complex

  • Boldness and daring as an approach to new projects

  • mentoring managers and employees - personal empowerment

The workshops are suitable for any company, family or circle of freinds that seeks to create quality time and enjoyment. Healing and understanding Increasing creativity and curiosity by combining tools from the world of mandala.

About the facilitator:

Noga Shalev has been conducting mandala painting workshops for 10 years, creating Judaica mandalas and illustrations from the owner of Noga Shalev studio. Noga is also a Senior Yoga Teacher.


Examples of types of workshops:

A joint painting on a huge canvas that will leave you with a fun souvenir: we will draw the flower of life pattern and fill it with color content in a joint and happy effort, suitable for a social family celebration and for groups of up to 8 people.


Learning a mandala pattern of your choice: The Flower of Life / The Spiral / The Love Mandala Drawing and Painting in Diverse and surprising techniques for further wonderful creation.

Free Mandala - Unleash your creativity with the technique of drawing mandalas and creating ideas in free painting

Drawing on milestones - a technique for painting on natural pebbles in acrylic paints that create a perfect effect for a captivating souvenir.

Abra Kadbra - Creating a mandala in words Combining hidden words in calligraphy with a nail marker, prayer spells and plans for life within our personal mandala, suitable for the process leading up to birthdays or as a couple's workshop for a new year and new beginnings.


To schedule an appointment:

Noga Shalev +972-52-5533526