A successful way for a mandala poster for my painting on its way to Ma'ale Adumim, even if it is far away, it always arrives in Israel and the whole world is carefully and lovingly packed to reach you :-)


The Vigodsky family will be renewed on the new sign for your door

And that with this the door will come a blessing

בית 4.jpg

I haven't bought a new picture in years ....

So in honor of a home facelift, and after seeing this stunning mandala that his talented Venus painted, I knew it was the mandala and the right image to hang in the bedroom that is being renewed and upgraded ...

Pictures from the mandala in her new home soon !!!


המלצה עדי שליט.jpg

Appreciates mothers with flight. We have an understanding about investing in happy projects!

Here is a unique mother who especially moved me when she sent me a handsome and invested collage of the magic kits she purchased. How much investment and how much beauty in choosing the colors



בית 3.jpg