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Mandala 4 Sky Winds - A mandala that magnetizes in its beauty with symbols from the world of spirit and nature and soothing motifs in the shapes and colors of blue, red and burgundy and touches of azure and turquoise transitions.

The mandala in the spirit of the four directions of prayer and the spirits of heaven inspired by the Buddhist mandala which aims to bring peace, balance and understanding.

The mandalas illuminate the house and magnetize the joy of life, color and energy

All my mandalas are made by hand-painted acrylic pencil paints and undergo one of the best digital photography and scanning processes in the country.

I print the mandalas on canvas fabric framed from solid pine wood

And it is very important to me that the printing be an eco-friendly inkjet print

The color of the print does not fade for 100 years!

Each picture comes with a strong hanging rope so all you have to do is hang and enjoy.

Waiting for your heart to choose and invites you to be impressed and choose the love of your soul and your eyes!


Mandala 4 winds of heaven

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